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Caramel Colors for Gel Caps, Nutritional Foods and Beverages

Sethness liquid and powdered Caramel Colors and Caramelized Sugar Syrups are used in a variety of nutritional products including:

  • Soft gelatin capsules
  • Nutrition bars
  • Nutritional beverages
Caramel Colors for Gel Caps

Sethness Caramel Colors are the perfect choice for adding earth tone colors to soft gelatin capsules in nutritional supplement applications. Liquid and powdered Caramel Colors provide hues from yellows to reds to dark browns, and are a cost effective alternative to FD&C dyes. Sethness Caramel Colors are label friendly and provide the clarity, solubility and versatility needed in gel cap applications.

Caramel Color in Nutrition Bars

Sethness Caramel Colors are used in all nutritional bar applications – protein bars, breakfast bars, meal replacement bars. Caramel Colors are used in the outside coating and in the center of the bar. Sethness Caramel Colors are heat-stable during the baking process. Although Caramel Colors provide no nutritional value, they offer clean-label opportunities for manufacturers who are targeting health-conscious consumers.

Caramel Color in Nutritional Beverages

Sethness liquid and powder Caramel Colors are ideal for protein beverages, energy drinks, flavored waters, meal replacement beverages, fortified smoothies and sport nutrition beverages. They are an ideal coloring agent for popular chocolate beverages in both ready-to-drink and powdered beverage mixes. Sethness Caramel Colors are a strong UV absorber which helps protect the nutraceutical components in nutritional beverages.