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Absence of GMOs in
Sethness Caramel Color

In the United States, genetically modified varieties of yellow dent corn are not segregated from traditional yellow dent corn. Consequently, corn wet millers purchasing corn on the open market are most probably using an agricultural raw material that does contain some GMO corn. Thus, the high DE corn syrup that Sethness Products Company uses in the manufacture of Liquid and Powdered Caramel Color is derived from yellow dent corn that may contain some GMO corn varieties.

The high DE corn syrup used for the manufacture of Sethness Caramel Color is a highly refined ingredient. As DNA is present only in the protein fraction of the corn and only the starch fraction of the corn is used to produce our raw material, it is virtually impossible for our raw material to contain any modified genetic material. In fact, our corn syrup has been analyzed at a laboratory capable of detecting DNA at levels as low as 15 ppb (parts per billion). They found no trace of any type of corn DNA. For specific information, contact our Technical Department.

Caramel Color is produced under high temperature, high pressure, and acidic conditions. If any protein or modified DNA material were present in the corn syrup, it would be degraded and hydrolyzed.

It is important to recognize that the GMO topic is more of a labeling than a safety issue, but typically the labeling of Caramel Color does not present problems. For example, in New Zealand and Australia, Caramel Color is exempt from labeling because the processing conditions of highly refined foods remove any genetically modified components. Sethness Caramels Colors are negative by test, but not by traceability.

In summary, given the purity of our raw material and the stringent processing conditions under which we produce Caramel Color, Sethness Products Company is confident our Liquid and Powdered Caramel Color does not contain any modified genetic material. However, we are not in a position to make a formal "GMO free" claim as that term, and internationally recognized testing techniques to determine the presence of modified genetic material, have not been defined.

Sethness Products Company will be pleased to keep you informed of any significant changes in these circumstances.