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Caramel Color for Clean Labels

"Is Caramel Color Natural?" is the most frequently-asked question we hear at Sethness Products Company. Although there is still no legal definition of "natural", numerous Sethness customers, including some of the world's largest food companies and natural products retailers, utilize our Caramel Colors to color their "all-natural" products. Caramel Color should simply be labeled "Caramel Color" or "Caramel" on product labels. Since Caramel Color is a single color additive, its compositional constituents need not be listed.

Unlike FD&C dyes, Caramel Color does not require certification. Caramel Color is GRAS and in the same category as other natural colorants such as annatto, beta carotene, beet juice, etc.

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In addition, Sethness produces various Certified Organic Caramel Colors that meet the most stringent "natural" requirements.