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Class I Caramel Colors
Plain Caramel Colors

Class I Caramel Colors are minimally processed, and carry the European designation of E150a. No ammonium or sulfite compounds are allowed in Sethness Class I Caramel Color production, resulting in a Caramel Color that carries a neutral to slightly negative ionic charge.

Class I Caramel Colors have become the fastest growing segment of Caramel Colors as they meet consumer demand for cleaner labels on the foods and beverages they consume. For example, although the world's largest retailer of natural foods recently stated that Caramel Color "is acceptable as a natural color", they prefer Class I offerings.

Class I Caramel Color Specifications and Nutritionals

Liquid Caramel Color
Powder Caramel Color

Class I E150a

(No ammonia or sulfite reactants)

Liquid Caramel Color
SSC300 (Made from cane sucrose)specnutr
OC114 (Made from organic cane sucrose)specnutr
SB121 (Made from cane sucrose)specnutr
Powder Caramel Color
RT198 (NEW)specnutr
OC234 (Made from organic cane sucrose)specnutr
SB245 (NEW)specnutr

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