Class IV Caramel Colors Sulfite Ammonia Caramel Colors

Class IV, Sulfite Ammonia Caramel Colors, are comparable to E150d. The carbohydrate raw material is heated in the presence of both sulfite and ammonium compounds. The resulting Caramel Color carries a negative. Class IV Caramel Colors are the most widely produced Caramel Colors, and are commonly found in colas.

Class IV Caramel Color Product Specifications and Technical Data

(Sulfite and ammonia reactants)

Liquid Caramel Color

RTL120 (Low 4-MeI) Download
AP100 (discontinued as of 12/01/2018) Not FCC Compliant Download
S190 (Low 4-MeI) Download
RTL4 (Low 4-MeI) Download
RT240 Download
LF235 Download
HPH400 Download
4335 (Low 4-MeI)
(Made from cane sucrose)
LF363 (Low 4-MeI) Download
(Made from cane sucrose)
STDXX Download
DSL4 (Low 4-MeI) Download
DS400 Download

Powder Caramel Color

LF035 (Low 4-MeI) Download
LF320 (Low 4-MeI) Download
BC420 (discontinued as of 12/01/2018) allowed for export only Download
LF410 Download
AP680 Download
LF735 (Low 4-MeI) Download
(Made from cane sucrose)
858 Download

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