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Company News

1/9/2017Sethness Announces Key Executive Appointments
11/13/20152016 Pricing Announcement
9/21/20152016 Pricing Guidance
2/10/2015Sethness Releases New Video on Caramel Color
1/29/2014Sethness Releases Latest Statement on the Safety of Caramel Color
1/21/2014Caramel Colors and 4-MeI: The Facts
3/18/2013Sethness announces new C.O.O
3/4/2013Sethness Web Site is Now Available in Spanish
3/3/2012Sethness expands into China

Product News

12/2/2016Sethness Offers Complete Line of Non-GMO Project Verified Caramel Colors
10/27/2016Sethness Caramel Colors Deliver Gluten-Free Benefits
8/1/2016Darkest Class I Caramel Color Achieves Non-GMO Project Verification
6/7/2016Sethness Caramel Colors Provide Clean Label Solutions
2/18/2016Sethness Products Achieve Non-GMO Project Verification
1/6/2016Sethness Introduces Breakthrough Class I Powdered Caramel Color
10/16/2015Sethness Introduces New Red-Toned Class I Caramel Color
5/12/2015Sethness Offers Full Line of Red-Toned Caramel Colors
4/17/2015Sethness Offers Unique Caramel Colors for Baking Applications
3/6/2015Sethness Offers Certified Organic Caramel Colors: Liquid and Powdered
9/17/2014Sethness Expands Low-4MeI Caramel Color Portfolio
8/28/2014Caramel Color Gains Popularity as Preferred Color Option in Pet Food
8/28/2014Caramel Color Gains Popularity as Preferred Color Option in Beer
6/10/2014Sethness Introduces New Non-GMO Liquid Caramel Color
12/3/2013Introducing Our Darkest Low Sulfite Caramel Color
2/7/2012Low 4MeI Liquid and Powdered Caramel Color now available

In The News

2/16/2017Beverage trends: Flavor is in the eye of the beholder
12/9/2016Nine Flavor and Color Developments for Product Formulators
12/9/2016Colored by Nature
8/4/2016Sethness Meets Clean Label Needs
7/27/2016Extra Sensory Perceptions
6/29/2016Natural Food Colors in Product Development
3/9/2016Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery: Current Flavor and Color Trends in Baked Goods and Snacks
3/9/2016Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery: Clean-Label Snacks & Bakery Move From Novelty to Mainstream
3/1/2016Food Business News: Cleaning up Beverage Colors
12/15/2015Food Business News: Adjusting Caramel Color in the Clean Label Age
11/12/2015Beverage Industry: Bringing Colors to Life
9/12/2015Food Product Design: Color My World - Formulation Strategies
9/9/2015Beverage World: A Bright Market
9/7/2015Dairy Foods: Super, Natural Delights
8/25/2015Food Processing: Food Color Revolution
5/4/2015Food Processing: Have Consumers and Manufacturers Found A Happy Medium for Beverages?
5/1/2015Beverage World: Colored by Nature
2/10/2015Food Business News: Colorful Ways to Quench a Thirst
11/17/2014Beverage Industry: Color a Key Association for Taste with Consumers
10/15/2014Food Product Design: Colors Formulating Strategies
9/29/2014Food Processing: Door to New Colors of Natural Additives Allows Consumers to Taste the Rainbow
4/16/2014Food Product Design, The Power of Color: Maximizing Color Stability
3/3/2014Food Product Design: Kid-Friendly, Mom-Approved Beverages