Caramel Colors for Pet Food

Sethness liquid and powdered Caramel Colors have become widely used in a variety of pet food applications including:

  • Dry pet food
  • Wet pet food
  • Pet treats

Sethness Caramel Colors achieve the appetizing color tones, odor and taste that pets, and pet owners, prefer. Our rich Class IV liquid Caramel Colors are used to color appealing gravies and sauces while our Class III liquid Caramel Colors provide desirable color for the meat portion. Dry foods and treats can utilize all of our classes of Caramel Color.

Sethness Caramel Colors provide shelf-stability, consistency and are stable in most processing conditions. They work well with natural ingredients, and offer clean label opportunities by reducing or replacing certain FD & C dyes. Caramel Colors are also commonly used as replacements for iron oxide in pet foods. Caramel Colors deliver label-friendly benefits, and provide significant cost-saving alternatives to iron oxide for color delivery.

Please contact the Sethness technical team for more specific application guidance.