Sethness is Caramel Color

Since 1880, Sethness Products Company has been specializing in the production of the highest quality Caramel Color. Through five generations of family ownership, we have strived to provide our global customers with the best Caramel Color for their unique applications.

Over the years, Sethness has greatly expanded our global manufacturing capacity:

  • 1880 Charles O. Sethness acquires a Chicago building and establishes the Sethness Products Company
  • 1940 Sethness moves the U.S.A. manufacturing plant to Keokuk, Iowa
  • 1965 Sethness constructs the world’s largest Caramel Color facility in Clinton, Iowa
  • 1995 Sayaji Sethness plant is constructed in Ahmedabad, India
  • 2005 Sethness-Roquette opens plant in Merville, France
  • 2011 Sethness-Roquette China opens in Lianyungang, China

Throughout these facilities, Sethness has achieved a comprehensive understanding of how to consistently produce Caramel Color and how to use this versatile ingredient in a wide variety of applications. We are dedicated to the art and science of making Caramel Color and developing formulations to better fit our customers’ needs.

From the light yellows, to reddish browns, to the darkest browns, Sethness puts years of experience and expertise into every one of our Caramel Colors. The Sethness commitment to produce the highest quality Caramel Color has made us a world leader in the industry.

Caramel Color is our sole business. It is our passion and our pleasure to provide our customers with the optimum results they need.