Sethness Updates Caramel Color Nutrition Data to Assist in New FDA Labeling

(Skokie, IL; 4/12/17) To help customers comply with the new FDA Nutrition Facts label requirements announced in May 2016, Sethness Products Company has updated the Nutrition Data sheets for each of its Caramel Color and Caramelized Sugar Syrup products. The updated data sheets provide all of the relevant compositional data needed for manufacturers to calculate new Nutrition Facts for their foods and beverages that contain Sethness Caramel Colors. Proactively updating the Sethness Nutrition Data sheets will assist customers in meeting the new FDA labeling deadline of July 26, 2018.

Sethness has added the following compositional data to the new Nutrition Data sheets:
• Added Sugars
• Dietary Fiber
• Vitamin D

All other relevant data for Sethness Caramel Colors and Caramelized Sugar Syrups will continue to be provided on the new Nutrition Data sheets.

The Sethness data sheets are available in English and Spanish, and can be easily downloaded from the Sethness web site:

Sethness is the world’s leading manufacturer of liquid and powdered Caramel Colors for the food industry. We focus solely on Caramel Color so, naturally, we offer the highest quality and widest selection of Caramel Colors in the market today.

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