Caramel Colors for Beverages (continued)

Caramel Color in Teas

Important considerations in choosing Caramel Colors for teas are tannins, pH, and acids present. How a tea is made – natural or tea-flavored – will determine the class of Caramel Color to use. For natural teas, negative ion charged SETHNESS ROQUETTE Class I, Class II and Class IV Caramel Colors are compatible with most tannins from the tea leaves which results in a clear solution. On the occasion that the Class IV caramel has a poor interaction with the tea tannins, a Class III caramel may be a better choice. For tea flavors, all classes of Caramel Color can be considered for use. While all classes of SETHNESS ROQUETTE Caramel Colors are stable at low pH levels, Caramel Color interaction with various acids in teas can be varied and lead to haze problems.

Red toned Caramel Colors with higher hues are recommended for most tea applications, while Class IV Caramel Colors are widely used for their strong, dark color in liquid ready-to-drink tea applications.

Caramel Color in Lemonades

Yellow-toned Caramel Colors YT25 and YT90 are preferred for ready-to-drink lemonades and lemonade mixes. SETHNESS ROQUETTE Class I Caramel Colors are recommended for their excellent yellow tones and foaming properties.

Caramel Color for Fruit Drinks

For fruit drinks such as apple juice, cranberry juice, tomato vegetable blends, and more, SETHNESS ROQUETTE Caramel Colors are chosen to standardize or enhance the color. How a fruit drink is produced, whether it is made from natural fruit or fruit-flavored, can influence the best Caramel Color choice. The presence of tannins and pH are important in the Caramel Color selection.

Negatively charged SETHNESS ROQUETTE Class I, Class II and Class IV Caramel Colors are better suited for real fruit beverages, due to their compatibility with the tannins from the ripe fruit. For fruit-flavored drinks, all SETHNESS ROQUETTE Caramel Colors are good options. All classes of SETHNESS ROQUETTE Caramel Colors are stable at low pH levels. However, some caramel colors may have poor interaction with some acids present in the fruit drink.

Caramel Color Powdered Drink Mixes

Caramel Colors can serve as a major cost-saving alternative in powdered drink mixes. From flavored coffee/cappuccino mixes to hot chocolate mixes, SETHNESS ROQUETTE Class IV powdered Caramel Colors can act as an extender and provide the rich, robust brown color these applications require. SETHNESS ROQUETTE liquid Class III Caramel Colors have some of the flavor characteristics of coffee and are an excellent choice in spray-dried applications. SETHNESS ROQUETTE Caramel Colors are also used in flavored powdered coffee creamers. Typically Class I and III are suggested in dairy applications. Caution should be taken when blending Caramel Colors with flavor or milk in a coffee drinks, as ionic properties may cause haze or even settlement.

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