Caramel Colors for Dry Spices and Seasonings

SETHNESS ROQUETTE offers cost-effective, reliable powder Caramel Color formulas providing consistent quality and particle size, allowing us to work with major spice blend companies and seasoning manufacturers. As many of these products are crop-derived or nature-derived their color may vary, and Caramel Color is the best solution for consistency in visual appearance. With a variety of products that extend from orange to black tones, we satisfy every application you can think of developing.

Caramel Color in Spice & Seasoning Products

These Caramel Colors are popular in many seasoning and spice applications:

  • LF410, our most commonly-used powder due to offering rich medium-brown shades
  • P330, our most popular powder when sulfites are a concern due to its excellent diversity in color for red and brown tones
  • RT175, which is similar in color to paprika
  • 858, this powder is for “black tones” perfect for pepper and black forest ham color

Caramel Color in Seasoning Mixes

The use of SETHNESS ROQUETTE powder Caramel Colors in seasoning mixes can help enhance the color by adding redness, as well as contribute to the darkening and controlling of brown tones. Knowing the sodium content of your seasoning mix is critical when choosing the correct Caramel Color to use. We offer excellent red-toned Caramel Colors for paprika, chili, BBQ, and instant noodle packet seasonings. Darker-toned Caramel Colors are commonly used in darker meat rubs and pepper blends.

Caramel Color in Meat Rubs

A powder Caramel Color is used 99% of the time for dry spice or seasoning applications, but there is a rare occasion when a liquid Caramel Color is specified. For example, in meat rubs where Caramel Color is applied directly onto the exterior of the meat. A negatively-charged Caramel Color has a tendency to soak into the meat, while a positively-charged Caramel Color tends to stick to the exterior of the product.

Whether we are helping you produce a ‘staple seasoning’ found on the spice rack or helping you develop the newest ethnic flavoring trend, SETHNESS ROQUETTE Caramel Colors offer the variety you need to visualize that next creation. With our team’s vast knowledge and formulation technology behind each of our Caramel Colors, SETHNESS ROQUETTE welcomes the opportunity to consult with you on your next spice and/or seasoning application.

Please contact the SETHNESS ROQUETTE technical team for more specific application guidance.

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