Caramel Colors for Pet Food (continued)

The plant-based market is expected to make up a third of the global market by 2054, reflected in this is a shift in feeding animals more of a plant-based diet by utilizing proteins such as brown rice, barley, peas, spinach and potatoes within manufacturing pet food. With this growing segment, SETHNESS ROQUETTE Caramel Colors gives you the ability to create that perfect color no matter what protein is being used.

SETHNESS ROQUETTE Caramel Colors work well with natural ingredients and are becoming more commonly used as a replacement for synthetics, and more recently iron oxides, for color delivery as pet food consumers study labels more closely. Class I or Plain caramel color has become a faster-growing segment of caramel colors for pet foods. They meet the clean label demand but can only reach a certain level of darkness or a light brown shade. SETHNESS ROQUETTE Caramel Colors offer label-friendly benefits through clean label options like Non-GMO, Organic and Gluten-Free.

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