Class III Caramel Colors Ammonia Caramel Colors

Class III, Ammonia Caramel Colors, are comparable to E150c. The carbohydrate raw material is heated in the presence of ammonia compounds. The resulting low-sulfite Caramel Color carries a positive ionic charge.

Class III Caramel Color Product Specifications and Technical Data

(Ammonia reactant, but no sulfite)

Liquid Caramel Color

P60 Download
P123 Download
P147 Download
P149 Download
P170 Download
SP55 Download
P193L4 (Low 4-MeI) Download
SP50 Download
(Made from cane sucrose)
P212 Download
P239 Download
P250 Download
P255 Download
(Made from cane sucrose)
P300 Download
P340 Download

Powder Caramel Color

RT220 Download
P330 Download
P389 Download
P450 Download
P600 Download

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