Class IV Low 4-MeI Caramel Colors

Effective January 7, 2012 California Prop 65 began enforcing the listing of 4 Methylimidazole (4-MeI) as a possible carcinogen in Caramel Color. SETHNESS ROQUETTE Products Company has been diligently monitoring the events in California and we feel California’s decision is based on poor science.

In order to be proactive, we have spent more than three years developing these low 4-MeI alternatives for our Class IV liquid and powdered Caramel Colors. All classes of Caramel Colors have been safely used for hundreds of years and have been listed as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Class IV Low 4-MeI Caramel Color Product Specifications and Technical Data

Liquid Caramel Color

RTL120 (Low 4-MeI) Download
S190 (Low 4-MeI) Download
RTL4 (Low 4-MeI) Download
4335 (Low 4-MeI)
(Made from cane sucrose)
LF363 (Low 4-MeI) Download
DSL4 (Low 4-MeI) Download

Powder Caramel Color

LF035 (Low 4-MeI) Download
LF320 (Low 4-MeI) Download
LF735 (Low 4-MeI) Download

Read FDA's Question and Answers regarding the safety of Caramel Color and 4MeI.

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