Caramel Colors for Prepared Foods

SETHNESS ROQUETTE liquid Caramel Colors, Class I Caramelized Sugar Syrups and powdered Caramel Colors are used in a variety of prepared foods including:

  • Soups and soup bases
  • Stews
  • Salad Dressings
  • Cereal
  • Snacks

Caramel Color in Soups and Soup Bases

SETHNESS ROQUETTE liquid and powdered Caramel Colors are widely used in soup applications. Depending on the desired hue (yellow, red or brown tones), all classes of Caramel Colors may be used. Typically Class III Caramel Colors are used in coloring the protein portion of the soup (meat) while Class IV products are used in coloring the liquid (sauces). Dry soup mixes can also utilize a number of SETHNESS ROQUETTE powdered Caramel Colors. When salt is a consideration, or precipitation and haze formulation are a concern, SETHNESS ROQUETTE can recommend the correct Caramel Color to meet these challenges.

Caramel Color in Stews

SETHNESS ROQUETTE Caramel Colors provide an appealing end color to the meat and gravy in stews. Caramel Colors enhance the color of meats that have lost their color during the processing. Gravies receive their rich brown color through the use of SETHNESS ROQUETTE Caramel Colors.

Caramel Color in Cereal

SETHNESS ROQUETTE Caramel Colors offer excellent stability in cereal applications because there is very little change of color during the manufacturing process. The use of either liquid or powdered Caramel Colors can be used depending on the final product or method of Caramel Color application during manufacturing. In cereal applications, the preferred class of Caramel Color is not as critical, so customers can choose the Caramel Color that offers the most desired color and hue.

Caramel Color in Snacks

SETHNESS ROQUETTE powdered Caramel Colors are the ideal choice for snack seasoning mixes. Caramel corn, flavored popcorns, flavored chips and pretzels benefit from the added color powdered Caramel Color provides during the seasoning process. Our Caramelized Sugar Syrups also provide a touch of sweetness and color to sweet snack seasonings such as kettle corn.

Please contact the SETHNESS ROQUETTE technical team for more specific application guidance.

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