Caramel Colors for Prepared Foods and Grocery & Retail Items

SETHNESS ROQUETTE liquid and powder Caramel Colors, as well as our Caramelized Sugar Syrups, are used in a wide variety of grocery/retail items and prepared foods. Caramel Color enhances the visual appearance of many food and beverage products, and Caramelized Sugar Syrups can add sweet or burnt notes and also act as a binder in products like rice, nutritional bars, cheesecake, and other items. Food manufacturers look to SETHNESS ROQUETTE to, not only provide the best Caramel Color options, but provide expertise in the development of their products – up and down the aisle.

Caramel Color in Prepackaged Foods, Ready-To-Eat Meals, and Textured Vegetable Proteins

SETHNESS ROQUETTE provides both liquid and powder Caramel Color for Prepackaged Foods and Frozen Ready-to-Eat Meals as this continues to be a huge growth market. Since the processing of these products can reduce their visual appearance, adding Caramel Color provides the perfect hues to the final meal – from meats to gravies, ethnic recipes to instant noodles, vegetables to desserts. Textured Vegetable Proteins and other plant-based foods also need to be color-enhanced due to the plain tones of these proteins.  Since we eat with our eyes, it becomes increasingly important to make these types of plant-based foods, frozen meals and long shelf-stable products appealing.





Caramel Color in Soups, Soup Bases and Stews

SETHNESS ROQUETTE liquid and powder Caramel Colors are widely used in soup and stew applications. Depending on the desired hue of the yellow, red, or brown tones, all classes of Caramel Colors may be used. Typically, Class III Caramel Colors are used in coloring the protein or meat portion of the soup, while Class IV products are used in coloring the liquid. During the cooking processes some soups or stews can lose their color, so to try and achieve the desired rich brown color for the meat, gravy, etc. SETHNESS ROQUETTE Caramel Color is used. Dry soup mixes also utilize a number of our powder Caramel Colors. When salt is a consideration, or precipitation and haze are a concern, we can recommend the correct Caramel Color to meet these challenges.

Caramel Color in Cereals

SETHNESS ROQUETTE Caramel Colors offer excellent stability in cereal applications because there is very little change of color during the manufacturing process. Our liquid or powder Caramel Colors can be used depending on the final product or method of Caramel Color application during manufacturing. In the case of hot cereals, many manufacturers look to SETHNESS ROQUETTE for technical assistance, as new products can be developed to meet this need.  Due to our long-standing relationship with cereal manufacturers, we act as a partner suggesting the best Caramel Color for a specific application. Our technical support allows customers to choose the Caramel Color that offers the most desired color and hue.

Caramel Color in Breakfast Items

In addition to cereals, the ‘breakfast foods’ category continues to be a hot growth area and SETHNESS ROQUETTE has the liquid and powder Caramel Color solutions food manufacturers need for items like sausage links and patties, frozen pancakes and waffles, breads, cereal bars, ready-to-serve and microwave meals, nutrition shakes, snack cakes, syrups, and so many more opportunities.

Caramel Color in Snacks and ‘Special Indulgences’

SETHNESS ROQUETTE powder Caramel Colors are the ideal choice for snack seasoning mixes. Caramel corn, flavored popcorns, flavored chips and pretzels, and snack mixes benefit from the added color provided during the seasoning process. Our Caramelized Sugar Syrups also provide a touch of sweetness and color to snacks such as kettle corn. Our liquid and powder Caramel Colors often play a role in coloring the (indulgent) snack foods category – like chips, cookies, cake mixes and frostings. Anytime a food manufacturer needs to enhance their product with color, they look to SETHNESS ROQUETTE.

Please contact the SETHNESS ROQUETTE technical team for more specific application guidance.

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