Serving worldwide markets with high quality Caramel Color

International applications for SETHNESS ROQUETTE Caramel Color have been expanding rapidly, with customers and distribution systems presently established on virtually every continent. These needs are primarily served by our production facility in Clinton, Iowa, the world’s largest Caramel Color facility. Since 1990, Sethness has added facilities in India, France and, most recently, China.


Completed in late 2011, our plant in Lianyungang, China, is the most modern Caramel Color plant in the world. This plant is the second Sethness joint venture with Roquette-Frères S.A. of Lesterm, France, and is perfectly situated to supply high quality Caramel Color to rapidly-growing Asian countries. Please visit for more information.


Completed in 2005, our facility in Merville, France, is the most modern Caramel Color facility in Europe. Sethness’ proven processing technology and the plant’s unique bulk storage facility allow this operation to provide consistent, high-quality liquid and powdered Caramel Color. Its central location allows for efficient service of European, Middle Eastern, Russian, Former Soviet Union Republics and African requirements. Please visit for more information.


The dramatic economic development of markets in the Indian subcontinent and adjacent countries caused Sethness to take additional steps in to assure a reliable supply of high quality Caramel Color. Our production facility in Ahmedabad, India, is a joint venture between Sethness and Roquette-Frères S.A.. This plant has recently undergone expansions that have doubled both production and inventory capacity for Liquid Caramel Color. Please visit for more information.

North America

The Sethness North American production and R&D laboratories are centralized in Clinton, Iowa, and is the world’s largest Caramel Color production facility.

While Caramel Color can be produced from a variety of carbohydrate sources, Sethness utilizes High Dextrose corn syrup. This valuable raw material produces the highest quality Caramel Color, with low viscosity, high coloring power, and exceptional stability. The Clinton location, located right in the middle of the “corn belt”, assures a reliable supply of this vital and economical raw material.

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