Tom Schufreider

President – Americas

I grew up in the Chicago area in a family with six brothers. I learned to be purpose-driven and competitive at an early age. Real competition is having seven boys at dinner, 12 pork chops, and all of us wanted a second pork chop! I have spent my entire business career in the ingredients business. The first three decades I worked in the flavor industry for Sethness-Greenleaf and Synergy Flavors. In 2013, I switched to colors and joined family-owned Sethness Products Company – the world leader in Caramel Color. In 2018, after five generations of family involvement over 140 years, the Sethness family sold the company to Roquette Freres to then become SETHNESS ROQUETTE. I love working with clients and helping them find profitable solutions to their product development challenges.

Please contact me, or any of our team here at SETHNESS ROQUETTE, to talk about how we can help you! Let me know if you would prefer to set up an online/video meeting as well!

Mobile: 847-682-5791

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