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Clean Label Caramel Colors

Now more than ever, as today’s consumers read food and beverage labels, they are choosing products that are free from synthetic colors, dyes and preservatives. Products with safe, simple, easy-to-read ingredients. Gluten-free. Allergen-free. Vegan. Kosher. Halal. Certified Organic. Non-GMO Project Verified. SETHNESS ROQUETTE has your clean label color specs covered.

Soy Sauce & other Sauces Video

Sethness Roquette has the most diverse palette of liquid and powder caramel colors available in the food and beverage industry. Ones that excite the senses. Let’s look at sauces and seasonings. In particular… soy sauce. Soy sauce is one of the oldest condiments in the world. And it continues to grow in popularity.

Sethness-Roquette: Excellence in Caramels

Sethness Products Company and Roquette Frères cooperated in 2004 to create Sethness-Roquette, a joint venture specializing in the production of Caramels. Roquette Frères, established since 1933 in Lestrem, France, is one of the largest international manufacturers of starch-based products and derivatives. Sethness-Roquette is the perfect combination of two knowledgeable companies, achieving a leading position in the Caramels market.

Sethness Caramel Color Offers 80 Caramel Colors for Food and Beverage Applications

Sethness Roquette offers over 80 Caramel Colors for a variety of food and beverage applications. Our Caramel Colors are available in a wide range of strengths and hues to achieve the perfect color for a variety of applications. We also offer organic, non-GMO and low 4-MeI Caramel Colors to help product developers stay on-trend. View our video to learn more about our family of Caramel Color products.

Sethness Caramel Color – A Legacy of Success

Founded in 1880, Sethness Products Company has been perfecting the art and science of liquid and powdered Caramel Color for 140 years. View our video to learn how Sethness became the world leader in Caramel Color, prior to our acquisition by Roquette.

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